Why India?

India has emerged as a leading provider of healthcare services to the international community, particularly those looking for medical services and treatments of top notch quality from skilled expert professionals and at a cost that is a fraction of that in the most advanced hospitals of the most advanced countries.

At present, there is practically no other country in the world with such a strong value proposition for medical tourists. The advantages of travelling to India for medical care, medical treatment and medical procedures are but many.     

Skilled and professional specialists: The first and the foremost reason for any medical tourist to visit India for treatment is the availability of the finest, most skilled and knowledgeable medical fraternity. It is not just the quality and credentials of the doctors, surgeons and physicians but also of their paramedics and support staff that ensures the perfect and successful medical treatment of any patient.  A good lot of these specialists and medical experts even have international experience, both academic and practical. And there is no constraint on the availability of such professionals in the country.

World class medical facilities: The world class medical professionals cannot do much if the medical facilities provided to them to treat the patients are ordinary. India provides the best medical facilities and centres with the widest range from cardiac and orthopaedic centres to oncology and other superspeciality departments. The highly accredited and hi-tech automated state-of-the-art pathological and other laboratories and imaging facilities add to the best diagnostic capabilities to the medical treatment in the country.

High quality medical care and nursing capabilities: The most skilled medical practitioners and the world class medical facilities need to be supported by an equally competent support staff. The support staff employed in the medical facilities and institutions in India are not only professionally qualified and certified but also most friendly and cooperative which goes a long way in convalescence and recuperation and recovery. The nursing staff in India is already considered the best and the most efficient in the world.

Cost effective value proposition: The highly skilled medical experts providing high quality medical treatment in world class facilities with the best support staff is always going to be a costly proposition. Not so in India. India is the only country in the world which provides all of this at the most reasonable cost. Medical treatment in India presents the strongest value proposition to the medical tourists of the world. You can travel to India from any part of the world and you will still end up with the best treatment at the most cost effective and economical consideration.

Modern techniques and technology: This is an equally if not more important aspect of medical treatment anywhere in the world. Medical experts in India are knowledgeable of the most modern techniques and the latest technology which have changed the face of healthcare all over the world. Medical technology and innovation is evolving at a fast pace in India and the experts in healthcare in India are right on top of it.

Internationally accepted medicines and supplies: The Indian healthcare service providers use standardised and internationally and nationally accepted and approved medicines, drugs and pharmaceuticals. The medical supplies used are of the best quality and tested for all kinds of side-effects and other issues.

No waiting period for international patients: There is zero waiting period to get cured in India. Well, that completely applies to our anthem,

Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means that a guest is akin to God.

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